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Fundraisers at Maralee's:

Individual Fundraiser Earnings available- We provide optional fundraisers to help our families help pay for extra expenses for dance and a small portion will support our Sponsorship programs at Maralee’s. These funds are to be used for any additional expenses other than your monthly tuition. IE; shoes, costumes, competition/convention fees, parade grp, dancewear, warm ups, showcase fees, ect. Here are a few upcoming events that your funds can cover;

  • Jingletastic Christmas Costuming – Costume Reveal Coming Soon!

See”s Christmas Candies: Various Earnings: (see below)

1 lb boxes = $2.50 2 lb Boxes = $5.00 Peanut Brittle = $2.25 Lollypops = $2.25

Toffee-ettes = $2.25 Truffles = $1.25 Assort Molasses Chips or Peppermints= $1.10

3.5 oz Christmas Sleigh Box OR = Holiday Lamas Box $2.25

Fresh Big Beautiful Christmas Wreaths! = Earn $4.00 for each wreath sold.

Make Checks payable to: Maralee’s Dance

All Orders & Money Due: November 14th – 18th (Orders go in evening of 18th)

~ Fundraiser Orders will be ready for pick up/delivery

Pick up: Monday November 28th; at the dance school

Please note; keep all orders & funds separate and fill out orders completely

Download PDF • 2.23MB

Download PDF • 2.23MB

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