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Class Descriptions

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Twinkle Stars​ Dance

An introductory dance class containing ballet, tap and creative movement. Young dancers will learn the basic steps, how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment. They will learn routines for our Holiday Shows and Spring Performance.

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Tap Dance

This class will learn tap combinations & discipline in a fun environment. Tap is an exciting rhythmic exercise and dance form that is enjoyable to kids & adults. Rooted in African American History, tap offers a variety of styles and techniques. The classes stress the basics of  tap and allows dancers to build  into combinations which are great to watch and delightful to hear.  

*Dancers will need specific tap shoes. New classes will learn routines for Holiday Shows and our Spring Performance.

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Hip Hop Dance

This class provides a structured method for learning various Hip Hop dance movements in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment. This class not only teaches you Hip Hop movements and technique, but also instills rhythm and precision in your muscle memory.

*Dancers will need hip hop shoes. Some classes will learn a holiday routine. All classes will learn routines for our Spring Performance.

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Lyrical Dance

Lyrical dance allows students to explore how to emphasize interpretation of music lyrics to tell a story with movement. Lyrical dancing is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements and express strong emotions.

*Dancer will need to wear leotards, tights and approved lyrical shoes. Must have 2 years dance experience. New classes will learn routines for Holiday Shows and our Spring Performance.

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Jazz Dance

This class combines many styles, techniques and rhythms from ethnic and contemporary dance, to ballet. The first half of class consists of exercises that stretch and tone muscles while developing support for proper stress-free alignment of the skeletal structure. Using pop music, jazz classes are a great workout and a fun way to release tension while attaining body awareness. Most new classes will learn routines for Holiday Shows. All classes will learn routines for our Spring Performance.


This class is perfect for dancers who want to prep for our Production Team, school dance team, or for those who desire to learn more technical skills without learning a dance routine.

*No dance routine will be learned, no costume needed in this class.

Maralee's Dance partnered up over 5 years ago with the Oregon City Schools PTA . Each school helps fund and feature a PE Popdance program for the entire school to participate.


 We are IN-PERSON for Fall 2023-24.

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Private Lessons


Private Lesson

1/2 Hour = $45.00

Duo Lesson

1/2 Hour = $27.00 per person

Trio Lesson

45 min = $30.00 per person​​

Private lessons can be for those who need some extra one-on-one time for learning skills from their group class. Private lessons are also for those learning choreography for solos.

*Solos come with consistency, practice and dedication. You may have the opportunity of performing or competing.

 Private lessons are typically 1/2 hour lessons with payments paid at the time of class directly to the instructor. 


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