Class Descriptions

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"Toddlers in Motion"

 Designed to encourage creativity, through exploration in dance, rhythm & movement, in pre-ballet & song & dance tap.  A routine will be learned for the Holiday Season & Spring Showcase.


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Lyrical Dance


Students will explore how lyrical dance emphasizes interpretation of music lyrics to tell a story with movement. *Dancer will need to wear leotards, tights and approved lyrical shoes - Must have 2 years dance experience.

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Tap Dance

This class will learn tap combinations & discipline in a fun environment. New classes will learn a tap dance routine to be performed for our Holiday season. *additional expenses or items needed; will include tap shoes, & possible costuming.


Hip Hop Dance

Learn the latest dance moves, coordination, rhythm and footwork in a friendly environment. Older dancers will learn isolations to attack those hip hop moves.  Dancers will need hip hop shoes. Some classes will learn a holiday routine.


Jazz Dance

Jazz is a dance style that is fun to participate, featuring energizing music and powerful movements. Common jazz movements that will include turns and leaps. Most new classes will learn routines for Holiday Shows.


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This is the perfect class for those who are wanting to prep for our production team,  school dance team, learning more technical dance with out learning a dance routine. *No dance routine will be learned, no costume needed in this class.

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Maralee's Dance partnered up over 5 years ago with the Oregon City Schools PTA . Each school helps fund and feature a PE Popdance program for the entire school to participate.


We are IN-PERSON ~  Fall 2022-23

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Private Lessons

Must be enrolled in a class

Private Lesson

1/2 Hour = $35.00

1 Hour = $50.00

Duo Lesson

1/2 Hour = $25.00 per person

Trio Lesson

45 min = $20.00 per person​​

Private lessons can be for those who need some extra one on one time for learning skills from group class. Even get that special one on one solo with choreography. *This comes with consistency, practice, and dedication may have the possibility of performing or even competition.

Private lessons are typically 1/2 hour lessons with payments paid at time of class directly to instructor.