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Maralee's Dance

 Maralee’s Dance Information & Policies


Dancers Arrive on time ready in your  dancewear, with your shoes and water bottle.

Before class you may get ready and put your belongings in a cubby. (this area is closed during covid) Then please wait quietly in this area, no running or playing or watching other classes before class. Please allow the classes before yours to exit before you enter the class.


Little ones or combo classes please have a designated dance bag for their shoes and belongings to bring into the dance room.

Dancers please wait respectfully before class; in lobby, or sitting on benches near cubbies. Use restroom before class.

Be ready for class in your designated dance wear, shoes and hair out of your face.


If you arrive without your dance shoes, we cannot guarantee we have any that will fit you and you may need to sit and watch class for that day. It is very disruptive to instructor’s classes.


In Class rules: no hanging on bars, picking up teachers items, props in class and messing around, please try your best not to touch mirrors, keep hands to yourself and respect other dancers things and space. NO CELL PHONE, food or drink in dance rooms.

If a dancer is ill, or injured please contact your instructor and let them know. Some dancers may view class with no distractions with personal items, such as food, homework and cell phones. Keep personal items in cubbies.

Waiting between Classes: They may wait in lobby, by cubbies or we have a homework area for dancers to work on homework. Our homework area is for this purpose only, it is not a hangout area, or a place to practice dances or view other classes is session. 


Wi-Fi available: PW: MaraleesDance.



Please try to have your dancer arrive to class prepared and ready for class on time. Being late for class disrupts classes in session. We understand that there could be a time of rushing from an appointment and you may forget and arrive without shoes, we cannot guarantee we will have a pair to borrow in their size, looking for shoes takes from class time and they may need to sit and watch class. This disrupts class time on individual basis.

Parking: Side of building on street, main lot, and over flow parking just past main lot below. Please do not block parking. Please find a parking spot. If your dancer is old enough to come out and meet you, you may line up along the chain link fence drive way and watch for your dancer. Dancers are not allowed to wait outside alone for pick up.

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