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February News

Maralee’s News

February 2024

Hello Dance Families! 

Important updates for Maralee’s Dance:

We would like for our dance families of Andrew & Lindsey’s classes to make sure to reach out to them directly for ANY questions and concerns. Thank you!

Andrew Worthington: Text or Call: 503-544-0789

Lindsey Worthington: Text or Call: 503-490-7790 

Tammy Worthington, Teacher Charisma, Teacher Brianna, or Admin Questions; shoes, costumes, dance wear, logo wear, billing account information:  503-655-6160

January was a crazy month with the New Year holiday, snow and ice days, and even Teacher Charisma being ill. We wanted to let our families know we have done some adjustments in class fees for these missed classes. You may view the discounted class fees by your history in your family portal. 

Christmas costume fees: We still have some costumes not paid for and are being updated. You will see costume fee and rental adjustments back in October ‘23 when deposits were first billed to your portals. You may find this in your financial history. *Performance tights & undergarments are being billed from Maralee’s Boutique. If you have any questions feel free to ask anytime.

Showcase ‘24 Costume Deposit: $35 will be posted in your family portals on February 15th. Each student that is currently enrolled will incur these fees, except for those who are enrolled in technique dance class. We use these fees to order your dancers costumes, which can take up to 12 weeks of processing.

Competitions: We are so excited to be bringing back competitions. It's been a tough few years due to covid shutting so many things down. We will only be selecting a few groups for this season. There are additional fees, extra class time dedication for those who are involved. 

Maralee’s Square Boutique: These will be separate billing for any dance wear item, IE; dance shoes, performance tights, undergarments, leotards, any Maralee’s dance logo wear, sweatshirts, t-shirts, dance bags, garment bags, etc. At the end of December 2023 we took ANY REMAINING invoices NOT PAID and placed them on your family portal.  *You can look in the notes of the item to find when your actual boutique item was billed to you. 

Coming Soon: Maralee’s Dance New Logo Wear Sweats, sweatshirts with our new MARALEE’S OMBRÉ logo. Watch for it to come Really Soon!!! 

Valentine’s Celebration Week: 12th - 16th (Treats Welcomed)

Celebrate Dance Week; This will be a great week of fun, games, Valentine celebration, bring treats, cards etc. If you would like a list of your dancers' class, reply to this email. Thank you.

Jingletastic ‘23 Digital/DVD Orders: 

  1. At this time please use the following link to place your order. 

  2. You will need to pay by check or cash to Bates Videography. 

Link to place your order:

 Spring Fundraisers: See’s Easter & Serres Flowers ~ forms coming soon.

Use Fundraisers to pay for your upcoming costumes: We will have packets for See’s Easter Candy & Serres Nursery Fundraisers out by the week of Feb. 16  Sending digital order forms later this week!

*ALL FUNDS MUST BE SEPARATE  – Orders and Money Due by 3/4/24 - 3/8/24 

It's that time of year!!!!!!!!!

Showcase ‘24 - Saturday 6/15/24 


Costume Reveal Week & Costume Balance payment has been postponed to March 4th - 8th 

Spring Break - March 25th - 31st - Studio Closed

Convention/Competition (For our advanced dancers)-  April 5th-7th *More info coming soon

Parade Practices-  Friday, April 19th, 26th & May 3rd 

Teddy Bear Parade - Saturday, May 4th

Competition for select groups- May 10th-12th *More info coming soon

All Studio Picture Days - June 7th & 8th (There may be an additional Picture Day in April, but we will notify you of this ahead of time)

Showcase ‘24 - Saturday, June 15th  (theme to be released soon)

West Linn Parade & Performance Day - Saturday, July 13th 

All Studio Rehearsal Day - Monday, August 12th *Must attend rehearsal to perform. 

Clackamas County Fair Parade & Performance Day - Tuesday, August 13th 

COMING SOON - New updated Calendar 

Costume Deposit Due: $35 per class genre’ 2/15 posted in family portal

Costume deposits are required, this will ensure your dancer will receive their dance costume in time for scheduled upcoming performances & Showcase. Some costume companies can take up to 12 or more weeks to be processed. 

Auto Payments: 5th, 15th or 20th 

This past month there was a delay in our auto payments.  Be sure your account is up to date with card on file, your address, and contact phone #. Thank you!

Welcome New Dance Families! 

We know some of you may have just joined our dance family. When you first enrolled, your first payments would have included your Enrollment fee. We will go in and adjust your first month's lessons. (Some of you may have not set up a payment on your account so this balance is still due.)

We want to be sure you have selected your monthly Auto Payment Date to process each month. (You can choose your payment date to either the 5th, 15th or 20th).  You can cancel, change or update your payment information right in your family portal.

To get your auto payment set up: Go to your personal family portal, open up, choose from your selections from the top left corner lines, look for edit payment on file. Input the card you want to use for your monthly tuition and continue through check out. BE SURE TO SELECT YOUR PAYMENT DATE. Only pay if you still have a balance from your Enrollment fee. You can change the total amount due by highlighting the amount showing. We will then process your monthly payment on your selected date.

As a reminder; some of our multi-discounts will need to be hand keyed in. Any time you have questions feel free to reach out to Tammy, as she handles all the financials. 

We invite you to explore your portal and become familiar with it. As the year progresses, you will receive monthly newsletters (typically sent on Sunday evenings), we will post costume information, and performance information during the season. You may view your dancers class day and times, upload their picture and add/drop classes anytime. We require at least a 30 day notice to drop any classes for future charges. You will be responsible for any costumes, shoes, or items that may have already been ordered. Some items we may be able to reuse and place back into our stock, and then you may receive no charge.

Maralee's Dance Square Boutique; All dancewear, tights, and shoe orders will be invoiced via our Maralee's Square Boutique. Our Maralee's Square Boutique helps us with inventory and should be paid from this invoice; You may come in and pay by cash or check to help us save on processing fees or you can pay directly from invoice, you will have an option to save your payment information for future invoices. *After a season ends; If your invoice has not been paid, we will then transfer the charge to your family portal and immediately process your payment to close your active square invoice.

We will be updating and sending our student and parent handbooks. - watch for it in your emails. 

Most emails are sent out on Sunday evenings, we encourage you to check on Monday mornings. 

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